Have you ever seen a visually stunning film, play or painting– or read a great book and thought, “I wish I could live in that world…”

Even for a moment?

As filmmakers and multimedia storytellers, we bring that fantasy world to life. We build an elaborate “mythology” and then create an experience centered around our audiences, while simultaneously engaging them to become a part of the story. Through the 4th Wall, LLC (TT4W) is our award-winning theater, film and interactive digital media company. We create sophisticated, elaborate and visually stunning thematic stories. The final product may take the form of immersive theater, film, podcast, webseries, books — or maybe some combination thereof.

We design immersive experiences that place our audience not just in the front row, but through the imaginary “4th Wall” of the performance. Through these productions, we build a unique relationship with each audience member by changing them from a “passive viewer” into an “active participant.” Our goal is always to make you a part of the story.

Photos: John Nelson


19 is yet another original TT4W stage production. This time we are making a musical. It is our most ambitious project to date.
19 is the dynamic and little-known story of Alice Paul, the suffragists and their fight to get women the right to vote— the 19th Amendment. Our show blends an incredibly heroic lost history, modern music, moving images and aspects of interactive theater.

We are currently workshopping 19 and performing staged readings.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit: 19TheMusical.com

To book a staged reading at your venue, please email: doug@throughthe4thwall.com

Jules & James

Jules & James, an original half-hour weekly serialized fiction podcast, is a nod to the throwback days of old-time narrative radio stories. In Jules & James, a wrong number turns into a conversation between two strangers… and it continues indefinitely.
One part Before Sunrise, one part Griffin & SabineJules & James captures the charm of falling in love with the unknown.

For more information on the podcast, visit meetjulesandjames.com

A Dream Within A Dream

TT4W’s award-winning immersive theatrical experience A Dream Within A Dream has evolved through multiple runs into its latest, commissioned iteration, A Dream Within A Dream: Madness. This dynamic and romantically macabre show explores the twisted mind of Edgar Allan Poe. Audience members come face to face with Poe and interact directly with the characters from his life and brilliant works.
A Dream Within A Dream: Madness completed a two-month sold out run at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Old Town Alexandria, VA in 2016.

The Upside of Iris

The Upside of Iris is an enchanting and whimsical story about a girl who sees the world upside down. Iris uses her unique perspective and special talents to help those around her. Inspired by the film Amelie, it is a light-hearted, romantic love story about Iris and a boy name Charlie, who is similarly unique.
The Upside of Iris was created as a multimedia platform that is currently being shopped as an animated series.

Manuscript X

Manuscript X is an interactive multimedia experience. Hosted online, it exists as a cross-platform, serialized digital novel told via blog entries that also includes photos, video and audience interactivity.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to inquire about seeing our portfolio of work.